The neighborhood of 165-South Emerson is located on the southeast side of Indianapolis. Major nearby roads include Interstate 465, Interstate 65 and South Emerson Avenue. Area residents can travel throughout the city via car or bus, and there are several train lines just outside of the neighborhood's boundaries. 

Little Buck and Carson creeks run through 165-South Emerson. Residents can enjoy the outdoors by taking a walk along the water. Summer in Indianapolis is mild as the average seasonal temperatures reach about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The neighborhood is home to several schools, including Jeremiah Gary-Edison Elementary School and Arlington Elementary School. The quiet atmosphere of 165-South Emerson makes it feel like a suburb, though the area is close to the downtown district of Indianapolis. In fact, you can drive to the city center in about 15 minutes. 

South Pointe Commons is a shopping center located in the northern part of 165-South Emerson. There you'll find several bars and restaurants, as well as clothing and convenient stores, fitness centers, pharmacies and salons. The southern edge of the neighborhood is also full of stores, restaurants and coffee shops, so no matter where you are in 165-South Emerson, you'll find something to do.