If you’re readying yourself to move into a new apartment in 2016, you may want to consider the latest design trends when furnishing your living space. After all, everyone wants to be in style, and moving into a new living space gives you a perfect opportunity. This isn’t to say you need to completely refurnish your apartment, but if you’re already out buying new furniture and other decor, you might as well remain up to date. With that said, here are three apartment design trends to keep an eye out for in 2016:

1. Blue decor
Grecian blue appears to be one of the main colors in 2016. This deep blue color is ideal for accenting your apartment, and can easily be paired with a wide range of other vibrant hues. What’s more, blue never goes out of style, so you’ll be able to hold onto your decor for the long term. Whether you opt for painting a blue accent wall, hanging dark blue curtains or using chairs with rich blue upholstery, you’re sure to give your apartment a contemporary aesthetic in the new year.

2. Mismatched styles
Now that we’re well into the new millennium, you can confidently mix a variety of retro and modern styles to make a truly eclectic living space. Not only will this give your apartment a genuinely interesting interior, but also it will showcase your diverse taste and wide-ranging interests. Consider borrowing some of the more transcendent style trends of the past and blend them with contemporary elements to take your living space to the next level. Don’t be afraid to vary the aesthetic a bit from room to room, but consider having some type of overarching theme that pulls your apartment together.

3. Wallpaper is back
Putting up and taking down wallpaper can be a lengthy, monotonous and challenging task. However, the look it provides to your apartment makes it well worth the effort. Moreover, despite the historically laborious nature of this process, mounting wallpaper has become easier than in the past. Temporary wallpaper now makes it possible to put up a stylish pattern on your wall without committing to a design for the long term. What’s more, temporary wallpaper is much easier to remove upon moving out, so you won’t be stuck painting over it or paying damages on your apartment.