An ever growing body of research has proven that too much sitting negatively affects your health. For many of us, this is particularly bad news because our jobs make us prone to a sedentary lifestyle. However, even if your stuck at a desk from nine to five, it doesn't mean you have to come home and sit around your apartment. Rather than spend all your free time loafing in front of the television, consider these three tips for sitting less in your living space:

1. Opt for a standing desk 
Whether you work from home on a regular basis or just need a home office to accomplish various projects in your free time, a standing desk will ensure that you don't end up sitting for hours on end. Standing while you work will keep you more alert and prevent your circulation from decreasing, which is one of the reasons sitting for extended periods can be harmful to your cardiovascular health. What's more, most standing desks are adjustable, so whenever your legs need a break, you can easily move it to a comfortable height as you sit for a few minutes. 

2. Set up a game room 
It's easy to end up lounging on the couch and watching movies, but if you have other leisure activities available you'll be less likely to camp out in front of a screen. If you have room, a dart board or foosball table both provide enjoyable activities that can be played with roommates, friends or family. These games will keep you moving around and also provide better opportunities for socializing than staring at the TV. To make it even better, games increase your hand eye coordination. 

3. Move around when you answer the phone 
Smartphones have certainly made it easier to communicate in our professional and personal lives, but these devices have also made it a piece of cake to pick up a call while we sit on the couch or lay in bed. Whereas once people had to get up and walk the phone, now our cells tend to always be within reach. When you're talking with someone on your phone, stand up and walk around for the duration of your conversation. Another idea is to get up and stretch during every commercial break when you watch television to help maintain good circulation.