During the long, cold months of winter, odds are you may procrastinate in regard to cleaning your apartment. However, in the spring, you can open up the windows and allow your living space to air out as you spray, wipe, sweep and mop every room in your abode. That’s why spring cleaning is an annual tradition, because it lets you erase the winter from your apartment. While this process may seem like a monumental, time-consuming task, once you’ve completed it you’ll feel great in your tidy and comfortable living space. If your apartment is starting to feel cluttered and in need of a good scrub, consider these tips for spring cleaning once the snow has finally melted:

1. Give some love to your kitchen 
Whether you’re an avid home cook or just use the kitchen on rare occasion, this room is bound to get dirty rather quickly. Preparing and serving food is inherently messy, and spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to tackle some bigger chores in the kitchen. Consider checking your refrigerator for expired or stale food, and also give a good scrub to your counters, stovetop, oven and microwave. Cleaning out the oven can take a lot of elbow grease, so make sure you have the proper cleaning supplies to do so.

2. Purchase good cleaning supplies 
Day to day you might be able to get by with some makeshift cleaning methods, but paper towel isn’t going to cut it when you need to do a deep clean. Purchase sponges, cloths and various cleaners that are good for different surfaces in your apartment. For example, wood cleaner may be great for scrubbing down your cabinetry, whereas multi-surface or glass cleaner may damage the finish. A trusty broom and dustpan always come in handy as well.

3. Tackle cleaning your shower 
People tend to dodge cleaning the shower and bathtub since it involves scrubbing a lot of surface area, but no one wants mildew buildup when they’re trying to clean. Shower liners notoriously get a bit grimy, so try throwing yours in the washing machine with your towels to get rid of any soap scum left behind. Remember to turn on the vent in your bathroom while you clean, so you don’t get overwhelmed by chemicals in the contained space.

4. Scrub down your baseboards 
Baseboards are a prime area for dust and dirt to gather. As long as you’re sweeping and mopping or vacuuming your floors, give some attention to your baseboards, especially if they’re looking a bit dingy. Make sure to tackle these surfaces before cleaning the floor to avoid having to go over it twice.

5. Organize your front doorway 
The entrance to your apartment is another area that’s bound to get messy. After a long winter of tromping in snow and mud, odds are your door mat has a bit of an odor and your coats, boots and other winter attire are probably in need of some organization. Since you won’t be needing these items much throughout the spring and summer, find a place to tuck them away for the season. Shake out your welcome mat and give it a good vacuum so that it doesn’t emit an unpleasant smell.

6. Clean your lighting 
Though sometimes we overlook it, lights and lampshades are as susceptible to dust as anything else in your apartment. Make sure to give your lighting a good clean not only to rid your living space of dust, but also to revitalize your lighting for the spring season.