The Album neighborhood is located on the east side of El Paso, Texas. It sits between Interstate 10 and Highway 180, both of which can get you to the downtown district. Centered around Eastwood Park – also called Album Park – this neighborhood is great for lovers of the outdoors.

Eastwood Park is dog-friendly as well, so the neighborhood attracts pet owners. Dogs can run free off their leashes at this park. With plenty of shade, pets will be protected from the strong heat of an El Paso afternoon. There are several dog-friendly hotels nearby as well, further showing how much the Album neighborhood loves pets. The park is also home to a recreation center where El Paso Parks and Recreation hold sports leagues and classes. 

The Cielo Vista shopping mall is located at the southern end of the Album neighborhood. Residents and visitors from all over the area swing by. The mall features hundreds of stores, a kids play area and free Wi-Fi. Public transportation makes a stop at the mall, so residents have easy access to shopping. Whether you need something specific or just a place to walk around inside air conditioning, Cielo Vista is the perfect destination. 

There's always live music happening somewhere around the area. The El Paso Free Music Concert Series often uses Eastwood Park to host events. Check the calendar to discover concerts featuring a plethora of genres.