Alta Vista is a neighborhood of Memphis that springs from a rich history. Located northeast of the downtown area, Alta Vista was founded when Charles H. Lanneau bought the land in 1872. Lanneau traded with both Federals and Confederates during the Civil War to earn the money to make the purchase. In 1873 he began developing the land and later built textile factories that brought jobs to the area. 

Now a modern neighborhood, Alta Vista has plenty for residents to enjoy. Vieh Park sits at the south end of the Alta Vista. The heavily wooded park has trails for biking and hiking. There are also baskets for disk golf and a spot to play horseshoes. This dog-friendly park allows owners to remove their pets' leashes. Vieh Park also offers great picnic space, as there are barbecue pits and tables. 

Barbecue and soul food dominate the dining scene in Alta Vista. Residents can find the best of both by walking through the neighborhood. 

There are several schools in the area, making Alta Vista a great place for families. Summer camps and kids programs are available through Memphis Parks and Recreation, giving children and parents alike plenty to do. 

The nearest major highway to Alta Vista is Highway 3, or Thomas Street. Located just west of Alta Vista, the road will get residents into the downtown area in a few minutes.