Arlington is a northern neighborhood of Lawrence, Massachusetts, an industrial city north of Boston. Arlington is east of Broadway Street and has Howard Playstead as a northern boundary and Elm Street as a southern boundary. This neighborhood is intersected by the Spicket River and stops just north of downtown Lawrence and the larger Merrimack River. Arlington is around a 40-minute commute from downtown Boston by car, and approximately an hour-and-a-half commute by public transportation. 

Running trails along the Merrimack River offer up views of historic downtown Lawrence, which includes several architecturally stunning clock towers and industrial mills. The Lawrence Community Boating Program is a great communal resource that allows residents and tourists alike to enjoy sailing on the Merrimack River. The Spicket River Greenway provides a riverside running trail that connects several local parks. The local paper, The Eagle Tribune, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning source for community events and news. A short drive down Broadway Street  will take Arlington residents to the Lawrence Flea Market and Auction House, which rests between the Merrimack River and its northern canal.