Astoria is a neighborhood that is part of north Queens. Seated right along the East River, Astoria features incredibly convenient public transportation. The elevated N and W trains run right through the center of the neighborhood and the R, V and G trains stop in the area as well. The M60 bus takes passengers across the Triborough Bridge to La Guardia Airport. An Astoria slogan says the neighborhood is ''only 15 minutes from Bloomingdale's," indicating the ease by which residents can make the trip to Manhattan. 

Astoria has always been known for its astounding diversity, and that fact only becomes increasingly true as the years progress. Restaurants and shops reflect the origin of their owners, who may be from anywhere in the world. Whether you have a hankering for homemade Greek food or Middle Eastern cuisine, you don't have to look far to find it. This hodgepodge neighborhood has a record of friendliness. People know one another by name and invite others over for dinner or out for Sunday brunch. 

The area has a definite energy. Mom and pop shops line the streets and neighbors call to one another from across windows. The vitality of Astoria is in large part due to its diversity. There are families there who immigrated to America 40 years ago and families who just arrived. They all lend a hand in making Astoria a unique, homey place to live.