Located on the east end of Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach is a neighborhood that lives up to its name. Named for the beach it sits on, Atlantic Beach attracts lovers of water sports and sunshine. State Highway and Atlantic Boulevard both run through the neighborhood. You can take the latter to get to the downtown district of Jacksonville. However, there's plenty to do in Atlantic Beach.

The weather alone is reason enough to love Atlantic Beach. Winter does see cold, though on average, temperatures stay around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Much of the year is warmer, which explains why the neighborhood is such a popular area for water sports. In fact, Atlantic Beach has a great reputation as a surf town. The beach itself is known to be quiet and beautiful. Residents spend the day there, happy to avoid more tourist-heavy beaches. 

After a day on the beach, walk inland to enjoy local boutiques, restaurants and bars. Take advantage of the ocean's bounty by visiting one of the many seafood restaurants in the neighborhood. Or go fishing for yourself. Hannah Park is another favorite location for residents to visit. This spot also has a public beach, camping, biking and hiking trails, a freshwater lake and Kids Splash Park. Atlantic Beach has no shortage of ways to enjoy the great outdoors and beautiful weather of Northeastern Florida.