Back Bay is a neighborhood in southwest Boston that sits against the Charles River Basin. Major roads in the area include Storrow Drive, the Massachusetts Turnpike and Commonwealth Avenue. City residents can take the train or bus to travel, or rely on a vehicle. Back Bay is about a 10-minute car ride from the city center. 

Copley Place Mall is located in the southern section of the neighborhood. This multi-story mall includes about 75 stores where residents can complete all of their shopping.

Copley Square is a park area just north of the mall. The park features fountains and green space where city dwellers enjoy the outdoors. However, the many sites surrounding the square are the main attraction. Trinity Church, located to the east of the park, was built in 1733 and locals and visitors alike stop in to enjoy the historic architecture. The Boston Library is also to the east of Copley Square and the massive structure holds over 6 million books.

Head west from Back Bay and you'll run into a huge park space that is home to many attractions. Stop by the Boston Public Garden to spend time in a local favorite park. 

Living in Back Bay will afford you many dining opportunities and it's a great place to live if you love seafood.