Ballantyne East is a residential neighborhood on the east side of Ballantyne, North Carolina. Ballantyne East is approximately 16.5 miles south of downtown Charlotte. The area is south of Interstate 485 and east of Johnston Road. The southern border of this neighborhood is defined by Providence Road West. Other major nearby motorways include Ballantyne Commons Parkway and North Community House Road. The average commute time by car from Ballantyne East to Charlotte averages 30 minutes. Public transportation by bus is also available. 

Ballantyne East is home to the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge, the Golf Club at Ballantyne, Big Rock Nature Preserve and an Imax movie theater. The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge is a Forbes Four-Star rated resort with numerous fitness, spa and dining amenities for the community. The hotel rests within a close distance to Ballantyne Village, a shopping center with a wide range of dining and entertainment options. The neighborhood also has the Golf Club at Ballantyne, a beautiful PGA course open to the public. The local theater has over a dozen screens to show new releases and offers Imax 3D screenings as well. 

Daily amenities, including a Target and local YMCA branch, are nearby.