Bay Terraces is a neighborhood on the southeast side of San Diego. Major roads in the area include the Bay Freeway and Filipino American Highway. Bay Terraces residents can travel around the city using the local bus system. 

Bay Terraces is home to several parks, including Boone Neighborhood Park, Bay Terraces Community Park and Penn Athletic Field. Area residents can enjoy these outdoor spaces year round in the beautiful San Diego weather. The average high temperatures only fluctuate between 65 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit, creating a gorgeous mild climate. 

Bay Terraces residents can lead an active lifestyle between the numerous parks, fitness centers and classes in the neighborhood. Take martial arts to brush up on self-defense skills or join a gym. Of course, biking through the neighborhood is another great way to get a workout in Bay Terraces.

The Bay Terrace Community Association brings residents together in an effort to create and maintain a beautiful neighborhood. Volunteers work on landscaping and cleanup projects throughout the area.

You can eat at pizza places, American pub-style restaurants and ethnic cuisine in Bay Terraces.

Bay Terraces is home to both public and specialty elementary, junior high and high schools. Young students can pursue an artist's life at the local arts academy. The amount and quality of schools in the area make it a family-friendly neighborhood.