Bernal Heights is a neighborhood on the south side of San Francisco. Major roads in the area include John F. Foran Freeway and Bayshore Freeway. Neighborhood residents can travel around the city via cable car or bus. Driving to the city center is a short 10-minute trip. 

Bernal Heights Park is located in the middle of the neighborhood. This large open space features a web of hiking trails that lead up to a hill. Bernal Tower offers residents an amazing view of San Francisco. The neighborhood is dotted with parks and gardens, making it a very green area.

Bernal Heights is a great spot for dog lovers as the parks in the neighborhood have off-leash areas. Furthermore, many apartment complexes in Bernal Heights allow residents to own pets.

Take a walk or ride up Mission Street and you'll find a variety of restaurants, bars and night clubs. Bernal Heights also offers entertainment outside of Mission Street. A few blocks east of that busy street is a karaoke bar and a bed and breakfast. 

Alemany Farm in Bernal Heights has 3.5 acres of land devoted to organic agriculture. It is managed by a group of volunteers who also offer educational programs at the farm. Alemany Farm accepts new volunteers and holds a community work day twice a month.