Borough Park is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Many residents rely on the train lines that run through the area. One line cuts straight through the middle going north/south, another makes up the eastern border of Borough Park, and a third creates the southern boundary going east/west. This neighborhood is very walkable because it has access to public transit and has shops on every street corner. 

Borough Park has a reputation as a primarily Jewish neighborhood, though there are a handful of churches, including a Roman Catholic one. In fact, this area has the highest concentration of Jewish people of anywhere outside of Israel. Borough Park is also a family-oriented traditional neighborhood that continues to grow.

There are loads of coffee shops and restaurants around town as well a billiard hall and a bar or two. The main commercial districts are located on 13th and 16th avenues. As residents take a walk, they encounter tree-lined streets and brick buildings in a classic New York atmosphere.

The Borough Park Branch Library hosts clubs, events and lessons free for residents. They also carry e-books, as well as a standard print collection. 

The neighborhood is home to a variety of schools, all of which are highly rated and exhibit good test scores.