Brooks sits on Detroit's west end and is bordered by two perpendicular highways. The east-west Interstate 96 will take you toward the city. A train cuts straight through the neighborhood to give residents easy access to the downtown district. This is especially nice as the area has a strong music scene. Residents in Brooks will have no trouble accessing the city's nightlife. 

There are multiple playgrounds in the neighborhood, giving children a place to explore. Belton-Mark Twain Playground not only has jungle gym equipment in its 3.8 acre expanse, but there are also baseball fields and basketball courts. As Brooks features so many parks, it's no surprise that the area is made up mostly of families. However, a good chunk of the population is built of singles. 

Take a stroll to access local restaurants and coffee shops that offer Wi-Fi. Detroit natives are proud of their city's well-known culinary specialty, Middle Eastern food. From Bangladeshi to Yemenis, there is a unique dish waiting to be tasted in the Brooks neighborhood.

The Islamic Center of Detroit is also located in Brooks. Since opening in 2002, the building has expanded. The center offers summer and weekend school for neighborhood children.