Buckner Terrace-Everglade Park is a neighborhood on the west side of Dallas. ERL Thornton Freeway makes up the entire northern border of the area. Neighborhood residents can travel throughout the city by vehicle or the local bus system. 

Grove Hill Memorial Park is located on the western edge of the neighborhood. This large green space is a great place to enjoy the warm Dallas weather. The average temperature in the area ranges from about 60 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to 95 degrees in summer. Take a walk through the park or go fishing in the nearby pond. 

The northeast corner of Buckner Terrace-Everglade Park is full of stores and restaurants. The Garibaldi Bazaar is a local flea market filled with independent shops. You can spend the whole day there hunting for bargains on quality pieces, including clothing and furniture. 

There are a variety of restaurants in Buckner Terrace-Everglade Park, from burger joints to pizza places. There are also many Mexican restaurants featuring authentic cuisine. 

Get involved in the Buckner Terrace-Everglade Park community by joining clubs at the Skyline Branch of the Dallas Public Library. The whole family can find something exciting to do together, or everyone can choose a club that's age appropriate. For example, you can read the latest popular novels and discuss it with the book club.