A small neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, Bushwick has been undergoing a renaissance of sorts in recent years. The area is densely populated, and is known for its vibrant art scene – more than a dozen galleries have opened in Bushwick since 2012.

Bushwick has a distinctly Brooklyn vibe about it, with many converted warehouse spaces within its borders. However, the neighborhood also has plenty of green space to boast of – Maria Hernandez Park and Heckscher Playground are popular spots – and Forest Park Golf Course and Highland Park are just over the border in Queens.

The artistic leanings of Bushwick are evident in the many murals that cover the neighborhood. However, Bushwick has more to it than art galleries – health food stores and farm-to-table restaurants have recently popped up as well.

It is easy to commute to other areas of the city from Bushwick, as there are several MTA stops in the neighborhood. Residents often borrow books from Washington Irving Library, shop at local boutiques or ride their bikes through Brooklyn.

Bushwick has quite a diverse set of residents, including a large Dominican and Puerto Rican population. In fact, the language most commonly spoken in Bushwick is Spanish, followed by English.