Belair-Edison is a neighborhood on the northeast side of Baltimore. Major roads in the area include Belair Road, Edison Highway and Mannasota Avenue. Neighborhood residents can take a bus to get around the city. 

Half of Belair-Edison is covered by a large park space. Located on the west side, the green area hosts a cemetery, park, golf course and several schools. Clifton Park Golf Course was built in 1915 and is the oldest public course in Baltimore. Montebello Lake is the perfect spot to get some outdoor cardio exercise. A 1.25-mile track wraps around the water's edge, giving runners a great view. 

Erdman Shopping Center is near the south edge of Belair-Edison. Neighborhood residents shop there for basic needs and retail goodies. There are several bus stops surrounding the mall, making it an unofficial transportation hub. 

Belair-Edison is one of the largest row house communities in the nation, and it is an iconic area. Though row houses dominate the area, residents can still find apartment buildings in which to live. 

Since the Belair-Edison neighborhood is primarily residential, there's not much in the way of dining or entertainment. However, good eats are just a short bus ride away. Furthermore, the Baltimore city center is just a short 10 minute drive. 

The Canton neighborhood of Baltimore is located on the waterfront. The Canton Company, a real estate development firm, began building the area as an industrial community in the 1830s. Industries began moving in, and by the 1850s, Canton featured three iron furnaces and one forge, a cotton mill, a steam saw mill, a distillery, a candle and lard oil factory, a rope walk, two shipyards and seven brickyards.

Now Canton attracts young professionals who want to live in an urban neighborhood, as well as growing families. The area provides access to parks, nightlife destinations and concert venues. One great spot is the Canton Waterfront Park, where visitors can watch ships sail by or enjoy a picnic on the green space. Dog owners can take their pets to Canton Dog Park, which in fenced-in. 

The Canton Gallery features the work of local contemporary artists. Visitors can purchase art or may even commission the artist for an original piece. Pieces there range in mediums and the gallery specializes in making quality frames. 

History buffs will love Project Liberty Ship. This nonprofit organization is devoted to preserving the World War II S.S. John W. Brown Liberty ship. The boat is one of two surviving Liberty ships out of a total of 2,710. The historical museum hosts exhibitions and social functions and is open for tours.