West Revere is a residential neighborhood in Revere, Massachusetts, 5 miles northwest of Boston. The neighborhood's general western boundary is defined by the Northeast Expressway. West Revere expands east until it reaches the shoreline of the Broad Sound. Other major roads include Massachusetts Route 60, the Salem Turnpike and North Shore Road. West Revere averages a 15-minute commute to downtown Boston by car and a 25-minute commute by public transportation. The neighborhood also provides easy access to Boston Logan International Airport via the Massachusetts Turnpike.

West Revere is directly next to the Rumney Marsh Reservation, a large green space with a system of saltmarshes. This expansive preserve is a great venue for fishing, hiking, bird-watching and boating. Next to the reservation is Revere Beach, the oldest public beach in the United States. The beach offers up numerous restaurants and eateries, as well as a movie theater and horse-racing track. The beach also hosts an annual summer concert series and provides sea kayak rentals. 

West Revere holds many local amenities, including fitness facilities, boutique markets, a clothing outlets and a shopping center. 

Washington Park is a residential area 4.5 miles south of downtown Boston. The neighborhood has a northern boundary at Dudley Square Plaza and expands southward between Washington Street and Warren Street. The neighborhood continues south along Massachusetts Route 28 until the road intersects with Blue Hill Avenue. Other major nearby roads include Humboldt Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard. Washington Park is a 20-minute commute from downtown Boston by car via Interstate 93. The city is also accessible by the Orange Line train, with an average commute time of 40 minutes. 

Washington Park is home to numerous public and private schools, including Boston Latin Academy. The neighborhood has a YMCA, community center and public pool. 

Washington Park holds a wide array of recreational facilities including parks and community gardens. The neighborhood is just north of the Franklin Park Zoo and Playstead. This parkland contains a picnic grove, athletic stadium and golf clubhouse that is open to the public. William J. Devine Golf Course is also in the area and is one of the nation's oldest recreational courses. The neighborhood is also near the Boston Harbor Walk and Marina Bay.

Watertown West End is a residential area located 8 miles west of downtown Boston. This neighborhood is in Watertown, Massachusetts, which was the home of Paul Revere while he was hiding from the British during the American Revolution. The neighborhood lies on the north shoreline of the Charles River and continues to Belmont Street. Common Street is the eastern boundary. Watertown West End averages a half hour commute by car and a 45-minute commute via public transportation to Boston as well.

Watertown West End houses a number of recreational parks, cafes, pizzerias and other eateries. The neighborhood also offers cultural amenities including the Armenian Library and Museum of America, a major repository with thousands of artifacts spanning from 3,000 years of Armenian history. Watertown West End is also next to Oakley Country Club, a community provider of outdoor sporting opportunities including golf, swimming and tennis. 

Watertown West End is in close proximity to Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brandeis University and Bentley University, making it a perfect location for students and faculty that need a break from the fast pace of life in the big city. This neighborhood offers a residential, woodsy environment while still providing easy access to downtown Boston and other surrounding urban areas. 

Tower Hill is a residential neighborhood on the west side of Lawrence, Massachusetts. Bordering the northern shoreline of the Merrimack River, Tower Hill extends north on the west side of Massachusetts Route 28 until it reaches Stevens Pond. Other major roads in the area include Interstate 93 and the Blue Star Memorial Highway. The neighborhood is approximately 28 miles north of downtown Boston. From Tower Hill, Boston averages a 40-minute commute by car. The Lowell Line train offers hourly transportation to the city as well.

Tower Hill holds restaurants, convenience stores, a shopping center and outdoor spaces. The neighborhood's high volume of recreational parks and facilities make it an ideal place to live for those who enjoy being outside. There is an active boathouse on the Merrimack River, which provides kayaking and sailing opportunities for all of the Lawrence community. A system of running and biking trails, known as the Spicket River Greenway, runs along the small waterway that passed through Tower Hill. In the surrounding area, numerous state and national parks are within driving distance. 

The Tower Hill neighborhood is also directly next to Lawrence's historic downtown. Lawrence urban center is home to many manufacturers including New Balance and Cardinal Shoe. 

South Quincy is a neighborhood in the city of Quincy, Massachusetts, approximately 12.5 miles south of downtown Boston. The neighborhood follows the eastern border of Interstate 93, providing easy access for those looking to regularly travel to Boston. The northern boundary of South Quincy is formed by Quarry Street, School Street and Quincy Avenue. Other major nearby roads include Pilgrim's Highway and Thomas E. Burgin Parkway. From South Quincy, the average commute time to Boston is 20 minutes by car and half an hour by the Red Line train. 

The city of Quincy is the historic birthplace of two of our most famous presidents: John Adams and John Quincy Adams. This town was also home to Founding Father John Hancock. Numerous historic landmarks, which are scattered throughout Quincy, serve as cultural amenities to the community.

South Quincy is directly next to Quincy's vibrant downtown. This neighborhood is home to many eateries, cafes and home-improvement centers. The area also contains several local parks.

To the north of the neighborhood sits Marina Bay, the largest marina in the region. Marina Bay offers a variety of indoor- and outdoor-dining options and provides a wonderful location to take in the Boston skyline. 

The South End neighborhood of Boston is next to the city's Back Bay district. The neighborhood is south of Interstate 90 and west of Interstate 93. The area's western boundary goes along Massachusetts Avenue and Southwest Corridor Park. Other major nearby roads include the Mass Avenue Connector and Columbus Avenue.The South End is only 2.5 miles away from downtown Boston. 

The South End is a historic neighborhood that is known for its brick sidewalks, timeless architecture, tree-lined streets and community gardens. The neighborhood is distinguished for its diversity and inclusiveness, as is exemplified through the area's many international restaurants and eclectic art studios. 

Located within the South End is the South of Washington district, shortened to SoWa, which is considered one of Boston's most creative areas. The district is filled with design studios, esoteric shops and modern residential spaces.The SoWa district hosts an open market every Sunday that includes a farmers market, food trucks and booths operated by local artisans. Art studios in the area are open to the public on the first Friday of each month.  

The South End is also home to Boston Medical Center and the Boston University School of Medicine. 

The Oak Square residential neighborhood is part of Brighton, a large district on the northwest side of Boston. Oak Square is south of the Charles River and named after a gigantic oak tree that once defined the area. The neighborhood goes south along North Beacon Street until it intersects with Cambridge Street. Oak Square continues far enough south to house some of Boston College's Brighton Campus. Other major roads include the Massachusetts Turnpike and Washington Street. Oak Square is a 20-minute drive from downtown Boston. Buses and trains are also available to access the city.

Oak Square is home to a YMCA, mom and pop restaurants, playgrounds and historic schoolhouses. The local fire station and library are cornerstones of the community. Though it is far away from downtown Boston, the local branch, Faneuil Library, is one of the busiest public libraries in the area.

The south end of the neighborhood is filled with parks and green spaces, including the Cenacles Urban Wilds, a nature area with expansive lawns next to Chandler's Pond. The neighborhood also holds the Newton Commonwealth Golf Course, a well-groomed recreational facility open to the public. 

The Highlands is a triangular residential neighborhood on the west side of Lowell, Massachusetts. The neighborhood area is outlined by the Lowell Connector, U.S. Route 3 and the Merrimack River. The Highlands is approximately a 40-minute commute from downtown Boston by car. The city is also accessible by the Lowell Line train. 

Once considered a city on the forefront of the Industrial Revolution, Lowell offers a welcoming blend of history and culture. The waterfront area of the Merrimack River located in the Highlands neighborhood is part Lowell National Historic Park, which includes an extensive canal system that is still operational. Walkways along the canals and Merrimack River provide a beautiful location for leisure walks and jogs. Lowell is also recognized for its vibrant arts community and eclectic galleries. Several of the historic textile mills have been transformed into public space for artists.

The Highlands was once home of renowned Beat writer Jack Kerouac. This neighborhood has many amenities including numerous restaurants featuring international cuisine, several recreational parks, Mount Pleasant Golf Course and a movie theater. The Highlands offers quick access to U.S. Route 3, making daily travel to Boston easy and convenient. 

Fenway-Kenmore-Audubon Circle-Longwood, often shortened to Fenway-Kenmore, is a conglomeration of neighborhoods in the southwest area of Boston. The neighborhood's western boundary runs along the Emerald Necklace Park System, just beyond Brookline Avenue. Fenway-Kenmore expands to the east, occupying the area between the Charles River and Huntington Avenue. Known primarily as home to the historic Fenway Park, this neighborhood is perfect for any baseball fan. Fenway-Kenmore is a fifteen-minute commute to downtown Boston by car and a half hour commute by the Green Line train. 

Fenway-Kenmore offers up many of Boston's cultural landmarks. The neighborhood is home to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, which has a wide collection of classic and modern art. Symphony Hall and the New England Conservatory are both in Fenway-Kenmore, providing concert venues for enjoying classical music. Several institutions for higher learning are in the neighborhood as well, including Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Boston University.

Fenway-Kenmore has an eclectic collection of eateries, including pizzerias, sushi restaurants and food trucks spread throughout the neighborhood.

The Emerald Necklace Conservancy, a collection of six parks, runs through the heart of Fenway-Kenmore. This green space holds extensive hiking and biking trails, and athletic fields.

Glendale is a neighborhood in the northwest region of Everett, Massachusetts, which is about 5 miles directly north of downtown Boston. From Glendale, Boston is a 20-minute commute by car or a 25-minute commute via the Orange Line train. Major roads in the area include the Northeast Expressway and Massachusetts Route 99.

The city of Everett has a rich history dating back to 1870. Though Everett is in close proximity to Boston, the city has a number of things to do locally.The neighborhood several recreational parks on the shoreline of the Malden River, including the Mystic River Reservation. Everett also has a rock climbing gym, indoor trampoline park and baseball stadium.

Major nearby stores including Costco, Target and Michaels. The Glendale neighborhood also holds local butcher shops, bakeries, restaurants, markets and bars. 

Glendale is close by to the Rumney Marsh Reservation, a saltmarsh filled with wildlife and a perfect place for boating, bird-watching and fishing. There are several other major parks and preservations within close driving distance. Directly north of Glendale is Mount Hood Golf Club. Boston Logan International Airport is easily accessible from Glendale as well, making the neighborhood an advantageous location for constant travelers. 

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