North Aurora is a large residential neighborhood located 7 miles east of Denver in the city of Aurora, Colorado. The neighborhood directly borders the north end of East Colfax Avenue, providing easy accessibility to the downtown Denver area. North Aurora expands east to west from Peoria Street to Yosemite Street. Residents of North Aurora can expect a 20-minute commute to Denver by car on average. Public bus transportation is also available. 

On the south end of the neighborhood there are many businesses along East Colfax Avenue. This main motorway is lined with restaurants, thrift stores and banks, as well as the Aurora Fox Arts Center. Eateries in the neighborhood include Rico Pollo 2, Jolet Coffee Factory, New China City and Thai Street Food. North Aurora holds a theater company and public library.

There are three public parks within the area: Montview, City and Spencer Garrett parks. Montview Park is the largest of the three and holds multiple basketball and tennis courts, as well as a playground and picnic shelter. There are several other recreational green spaces and golf courses within close driving distance of North Aurora. 

Park Hill is a large northern neighborhood of Denver. Park Hill expands south to north between East Colfax Avenue and 52nd Avenue, and east to west between Colorado Boulevard and Quebec Street. Interstate 70 passes through the north end of the neighborhood, providing easy access to the cities surrounding Denver and many of Colorado's state and national parks. 

Park Hill boasts a wide array of local amenities as well as many attractions in the surrounding area. The south end of the neighborhood holds educational facilities including the Denver School of the Arts and Johnson & Wales University. Farther north, the area boasts Park Hill Golf Club, a public course complete with practice facilities and a food and beverage service. The American Paintball Coliseum, a facility with both indoor and outdoor paintball courses, lies just northwest of the golf club. The neighborhood also has several public parks. 

Directly west of Park Hill rests the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Other attractions within close driving distance include the Denver Botanical Gardens, the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, the Lowry Sports Complex Park, the History Colorado Center and the Tattered Cover Book Store. 

Marston is a residential neighborhood located approximately 11 miles southwest of Denver. The neighborhood encompasses Marston Lake and surrounds the Bowles Reservoir Number One. Major motorways include South Wadsworth Boulevard, West Quincey Avenue and West Belleview Avenue. Marston locals can expect a 30-minute commute from downtown Denver by car. Public transportation is also available.

Marston is immersed in natural outlets for recreation. Numerous lakes surround the neighborhood, making it a perfect residence for avid anglers and boaters. There are also a number of golf clubs within the area, including Foothills Golf Course, Raccoon Creek Golf Course, Littleton Golf and Tennis Club and Pinehurst Country Club. Several local recreational parks are in the neighborhood as well.

Eateries in Marston include Hacienda Colorado, Lone Star Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill and Boston Market. Sprouts Farmers Market rests in the southwest end of the neighborhood, a local source of fresh produce. Marston also holds a Wal-Mart Supercenter, Costco and Sam's Club.

Marston is the home of the Southwest Recreation Center of Denver, a public venue that offers a wide range of health and wellness classes for adults and children of all fitness levels.  

Mar Lee is a residential neighborhood approximately 5 miles southwest of downtown Denver. The area expands north to south from West Tennessee Avenue to West Jewel Avenue, and east to west from South Sheridan Boulevard to South Federal Boulevard. Mar Lee residents can expect a 20-minute commute by car to downtown Denver. Public bus transportation is also available. 

Mar Lee boasts a number of local amenities including a post office, pharmacy, child care facilities, a supermarket, library and a dollar store. The neighborhood holds Mar Lee Manor Shopping Center, an outdoor mall complete with a market, liquor store, night club and spa. Local eateries include Torres Mexican Food, Hart's Corner Bar, Pho 95 Noodle House and Sonic. 

A large portion of the Sanderson Gulf Trail passes through the south end of Mar Lee, providing a great riverside pathway for walkers, joggers and bikers. On the north side of the neighborhood rests Garfield Lake Park, a fantastic place for fishing and other recreational activities like mountain biking and sledding.

Two golf courses, Bear Creek Golf Club and Foothills Golf Club, are within close driving distance of the neighborhood. Several national forests are also nearby. 

Hampden South is a residential neighborhood approximately 10 miles southeast of downtown Denver. The area lies to the south of East Hampden Avenue and expands between Interstate 25 and Yosemite Street until it reaches Bellevue Avenue. Other major motorways include Interstate 225, Tamarac Drive, Quincy Avenue and Union Avenue. From Hampden South, downtown Denver averages a 30-minute commute by car. Public light rail transportation is also available. 

Hampden South boasts a wide range of local amenities including a Whole Foods Market, and the Regal Continental Stadium 10 Movie Theater and Laser Quest, a laser tag facility. The south end of the neighborhood holds Marina Square Shopping Center, a large mall area with sandwich delis, a wine shop, a coffeehouse and apparel outlets. Hampden South has an eclectic selection of restaurants throughout the area, including several seafood eateries.. Other neighborhood amenities include a U.S. Post Office, a Walmart Supercenter and a  Dairy Queen. Hampden South also holds several outdoor recreational spaces including Wallace Park, Rosamond Park, Eastmoor Park and Southmoor Park.

Hampden South directly abuts Denver Tech Center, a business district known as being home to many major tech companies.

Delmar Parkway is a residential neighborhood of Aurora, Colorado, that rests about 6.5 miles east of Denver. Delmar Parkway is a rectangular area that runs south of East Colfax Avenue. The neighborhood extends southward to 6th Avenue between Yosemite Street and Peoria Street. Other major nearby motorways include Del Mar Parkway and 11th Avenue. From Delmar Parkway, downtown Denver averages a 20-minute commute by car. Public bus transportation is also available.

Delmar Parkway abuts the Community College of Aurora at Lowry. Local amenities near the school include grocery stores, banks, a thrift shop and a movie theater. The neighborhood also boasts a number of parks and recreational facilities, including Fulton Park, Havana Park and Nome Park. Nome Park and Havana Park are both small, local green spaces complete with playgrounds. Fulton Park is more expansive and contains a basketball court, football field, baseball diamond and tennis court.

The area surrounding Delmar Park includes other attractions. For instance, the neighborhood is within close driving distance of several public golf courses, as well as the Denver Zoo. The area is directly west of downtown Aurora, a vibrant area with historical sites, eateries and a history museum.

Green Mountain is a residential neighborhood located in Lakewood, Colorado, approximately 13 miles southwest of Denver. The area is named for its nearness to Green Mountain, part of the Colorado Front Range, and is known for its lush verdant landscape. The actual Green Mountain has a summit of 6,855 feet and is used recreationally by a multitude of people in the nearby Denver community. The mountain boasts over 2,400 acres of space to explore, hike, run and picnic.

The Green Mountain neighborhood lies to the southeast of West Alameda Parkway, a road that goes around the outskirts of the mountain. Other major motorways include Morrison Road, Jewell Avenue and Bear Creek Boulevard. From Green Mountain, downtown Denver averages a 25-minute commute by car. 

Green Mountain has a wide array of amenities. The area holds numerous eateries and pizzerias, as well as a grocery store. Besides the mountain itself, the neighborhood boasts a number of local recreational parks, including Hutchinson Park, Coyote Gulch Park and Lower Ravine Park. Green Mountain is also within close driving distance of the Red Rocks Amphitheater, a gorgeous outdoor concert venue that hosts a hodgepodge of eclectic musical acts. 

Green Valley Ranch is a residential suburb approximately 15 miles northeast of downtown Denver. The area rests south of 56th Avenue and continues betweenTower Road and Piccadilly Road until it reaches 38th Avenue. The neighborhood is conveniently located in the middle of Interstate 70, Pena Boulevard and Colorado Highway 470, ostensibly providing access to the surrounding region in every direction. Pena Boulevard also directly leads to the nearby Denver International Airport, making Green Valley Ranch a great community for any avid traveler or businessperson. From Green Valley Ranch, downtown Denver averages a 35-minute commute by car. Public bus transportation is also available. 

Green Valley Ranch has a number of local amenities including a branch of the Denver Public Library and a recreation center. The neighborhood holds numerous restaurants and parks, as well as a grocery store and pharmacy. At the heart of this area lies Green Valley Ranch Golf Club, a semi-private course complete with a driving range, practice facilities, and a bar and grill. 

The area surrounding this neighborhood holds Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Plains Conservation Center and the Denver Zoo. 

Hampden is a residential neighborhood approximately 10 miles southeast of downtown Denver. The area lies to the north of East Hampden Avenue and expands between Interstate 25 and South Havana Street. Other major nearby motorways include Yale Avenue, Tamarac Drive and Monaco Parkway. This neighborhood provides easy access to Interstate 25 and 225. From Hampden, downtown Denver averages a 30-minute commute by car or an hour commute by public light rail transportation.

Hampden has many local amenities including a branch of the Denver Public library, a hardware store and numerous grocery stores. The neighborhood also boasts many eateries and delis. The south end of Hampden holds a Walmart Supercenter and a Whole Foods Market. This area features two movie theaters as well.

Hampden is home to a number of recreational parks, including James A. Bible Park, Hampden Heights Park, Babi Yar Park and Hentzel Park. Two golf courses border the neighborhood area, including Cherry Creek Country Club and Kennedy Golf Course.

A number of other attractions are within close driving distance. The Cherry Creek Reservoir rests just southeast of Hampden. The reservoir is an expansive nature area with opportunities for boating and horseback riding.  

Five Points is a neighborhood in the northern region of downtown Denver. This triangular area expands along the southeast border of the South Platte River. Major nearby motorways include Broadway, 20th Street, Park Avenue West and Walnut Street. 

Five Points is an area rich in local amenities. The neighborhood holds a number of microbreweries including the highly renowned Great Divide Brewing and Wynkoop Brewing Company. Five Points holds Coors Field, the home venue of the Colorado Rockies baseball team. The neighborhood further boasts numerous local eateries, taverns, boutique coffeehouses and urban gardens. Five Points holds several recreational spaces, including Lawson Park, Curtis Park and Benedict Fountain Park.

The area surrounding Five Points features even more attractions. Nestled into downtown Denver, the neighborhood is within close driving distance of the Denver Zoo, Downtown Aquarium, Children's Museum of Denver, City Park Golf Course, Colorado Convention Center and the University of Colorado at Denver. This area also provides easy access to Interstate 70, a highway that leads to the Rocky Mountains, making Five Points the perfect living space for any avid hiker or backpacker. 

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