Tierwester Oaks is a residential neighborhood in the southern region of Houston, approximately 4 miles south of the downtown hub. The area borders the campus of Texas Southern University and is near to the University of Houston. Tierwester Oaks span between Tierwester Street and Scott Street. Major motorways in the area include Interstate 45 and Interstate 610. Public bus transportation around the city of Houston is readily available.

The neighborhood is surrounded by some of Houston's finest amenities and attractions. Approximately a mile west of Tierwester Oaks lies Hermann Park, a large green space that holds the Houston Zoo, Miller Outdoor Theater, Hermann Park Golf Course and the Houston Museum of Natural Science. To the east of the neighborhood rests Mac Gregor Park and Gus Wortham Golf Course. Less than half a mile south of Tierwester Oaks there is the Brays Bayou Trail, a 17.9 mile running and biking path that goes along a large waterway.

A block north of the neighborhood along Scott Street there is a grocery store as well as several fast food chain restaurants. This stretch of road also holds a bookstore and a library.  

Doma Chase Condominiums is a residential complex approximately 12 miles southwest of downtown Houston. The condos rest along the south edge of Richmond Avenue, a large motorway lined with restaurants and local businesses. Other major roads include Sam Houston Parkway, Interstate 69 and Interstate 610. From Doma Chase Condominiums, residents should expect a 25-minute commute to the city on average. Public bus transportation is also available.

The condos boast numerous amenities in the neighborhood. Nearby eateries include La Gran Sorpresa, Mi Pueblito, La Vina, Club Salsero and Blue Nile Ethiopian. A Kroger, Walgreens, Party City and CVS Pharmacy are also in the area. To the northwest of Doma Chase, there is a Whole Foods Market and Westchase Shopping Center. 

Doma Chase Condominiums are near to Tanglewilde Park and Blossom Heights Park. Royal Oaks Country Club lies approximately a mile directly west of the complex. George Bush Park, an expansive natural preserve complete with a wide range of recreational opportunities, is also within close driving distance. Other attractions in the surrounding area include Sam Houston National Forest, the city of Austin and the Gulf of Mexico. 

Enclave at Briargreen Townhome is a residential neighborhood approximately 19 miles west of downtown Houston. The townhomes border the west side of Briargreen Drive between Richmond Avenue and Park Hollow Drive. Other major motorways in the area include Addicks-Howell Road and Westheimer Road. From Enclave at Briargreen Townhome, downtown Houston averages a 30-minute commute by car. Public bus transportation is also available. 

The neighborhood has a wide range of local amenities. Eateries within walking distance include Olive Garden, Taco Cabana, Big Daddy's BBQ, Starbucks and Cheers 2U. Enclave at Briargreen Townhome is also near West Oaks Mall, an expansive shopping center with a variety of department stores, clothing outlets, restaurants, gift shops and specialty boutiques. Target, TJ Maxx, PetSmart and Sam's Club are in the area as well. 

Enclave at Briargreen Townhome lies just east of George Bush Park, an enormous 7,800 acre green space. The park boasts athletic fields, a shooting range, equestrian trails, fishing areas, a nature trail and a model airplane airport. Another expansive nature area, Bear Creek Pioneers Park, is a short drive north of the neighborhood. 

Hammerly Woods Condominiums is a residential complex approximately 15 miles northwest of downtown Houston. The condos are conveniently located a block west of the Sam Houston Parkway, which leads to Interstate 10, making it easy to drive into the city. Residents of Hammerly Woods Condominiums can expect an average 20 minute commute to downtown Houston by car. Public bus transportation is also available.

Hammerly Woods Condominiums abuts the Addick Reservoir, an area consisting of nearly 26,000 acres of unsullied green space. Cullen Park, an outdoor recreational area, sits on the west end of the reservoir. The park has athletic fields, a picnic shelter and an archery range. To the north of the reservoir, there are two golf courses: Bear Creek and Pine Forest Country Club. 

There are several restaurants within walking distance of the condos such as Aunt Pookies Barbeque, Burger King and Jack in the Box. Other local amenities include a public swimming pool, a carwash,  a winery and a deli. Several churches are scattered throughout the neighborhood. 

Hammerly Woods Condominiums is within close driving distance of the West Houston Airport, The Houston Zoo, Terry Hershey Park and Westside Tennis Club.  

Cedarwild Townhome Condominiums is a residential complex approximately 13 miles southeast of Houston. The complex rests on the west side of the Gulf Freeway, providing easy accessibility to Houston's downtown. This commute averages 22 minutes by car. Public bus transportation is also available. 

Local eateries near the condominiums include Starbucks, Spec's Wine, Spirits and Finer Foods, Pancho's Mexican Buffet, Fish Place and Waffle House. Several chain fast food restaurants are in the area as well. Directly south of the complex is a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Other nearby amenities include a post office, a sporting goods outlet, several auto repair shops and a garden supply center.

There are two large malls in the area: Almeda Mall and Edgebrook Plaza Shopping Center. Both malls boast a wide array of apparel outlets, restaurants and specialty stores. 

Wilson Memorial Park, a large outdoor recreational area, lies approximately 2 miles east of Cedarwild Townhome Condominiums. The park holds various athletic fields as well as an expansive green space for exercise and leisure. Blackhawk Park and Beverly Hills Park are also within close driving distance.  

Fort Bend Houston is a neighborhood on the far southwest side of Houston. Major roads in the area include the Sam Houston Tollway and Fort Bend Parkway. Residents can use the bus system for public transportation. However, routes are limited, so most residents rely on vehicles to travel.

Fort Bend Houston is mostly residential with sweeping green spaces between homes and apartment buildings. Fort Bend Houston gives residents a view of big Texas skies and open plains. 

Parks and playgrounds are interspersed between residential lots, schools and churches in the neighborhood. Fort Bend Houston is a quiet family-friendly area. 

Those who work in the city center have a half hour commute if they take the highways – bus transportation will require more time, as travelers have to transfer lines. 

There are only a handful of restaurants in the Fort Bend Houston neighborhood. There are, however, a variety of auto dealers and repair shops as well as home improvement stores. Residents have several grocery store options, depending on their location in the neighborhood. 

The weather in Fort Bend Houston is relatively warm all year. The average temperature in winter is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit while summer temperatures are in the 80s. The weather is ideal for those who enjoy being outdoors 

Woodlake-Briar Meadow is a neighborhood on the west side of Houston. The area is north of Highway 59, and is nestled between Loop 610 and the Sam Houston Tollway. Woodlake-Briar Meadow residents rely on vehicles to get to work and run errands because there is limited public transportation. 

The neighborhood is full of entertainment, such as shopping, dining and nightlife venues. You can enjoy Texas-style barbecue one night and fresh seafood the next at one of Woodlake-Briar Meadow's many restaurants. Most of the major street corners in the area house a coffee shop of some kind, which means you're never too far from a cup of warm java.

Westhill Village Shopping Center is the area's most visited mall. If Weshill doesn't have what you're looking for you can find more stores across the street. After a day of shopping in your Houston neighborhood, you might want to give your feet a break. The AMC 30 movie theater is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a show. 

The warm Houston weather is one of Woodlake-Briar Meadow's best features. Make the most of the sun by visiting a park in the area. Briarbend Park is in the north, Anderson Park is in the east, Briar Meadow Park is centrally located and Blossom Heights Park is in the south. 

Southbelt-Ellington is a neighborhood on the southeast side of Houston. Gulf Freeway and Sam Houston Tollway intersect in the center of the area, giving residents access to other parts of the city. You will need a vehicle to live in Southbelt-Ellington, as there is very minimal public transportation. 

Most of the eastern section of the neighborhood houses the United States Coast Guard Air Station. Both the Coast Guard and Air Force have a presence in the facility. 

Almeda Mall, – which is in the north section of Southbelt-Ellington – has several department stores, chain apparel shops and restaurants. Residents flock to Almeda Mall to revamp their wardrobes, but most leave the mall to find sit-down dining. 

Southbelt-Ellington has several Asian restaurants, including Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese eateries. You'll also find your fair share of Texas-style barbecue and other "meat and potatoes" type restaurants. If you finish shopping and dining and still need something to do in Southbelt-Ellington, you can head to the AMC movie theater to catch the latest box office hits. 

Enjoy the warm Houston weather by visiting one of several parks in Southbelt-Ellington. El Franco Lee Park is the largest in the neighborhood and has green space as well as a creek. Blackhawk and Beverly Hills parks are in the northwest section of Southbelt-Ellington. 

Sharpstown is a neighborhood in southwest Houston. The Sam Houston Parkway, Southwest Freeway and Westpark Tollway all go through the area, making intra-city travel simple. Sharpstown residents have convenient access to other neighborhoods as well as the city center. However, the area itself is worth hanging around.

The PlazAmericas Shopping Centre is an indoor mall where most residents go to shop. It's located right off the Southwest Freeway near the center of the neighborhood. Other storefronts can be found all over Sharpstown, making the area a haven for shoppers.

Houston's Chinatown is located in the west sector of Sharpstown. Residents and other city dwellers stop by for authentic Asian cuisine or to admire the culture. 

The neighborhood has several schools, making it a great place for young families. Parents, kids and singles alike can all enjoy the parks in Sharpstown. Houston's average temperatures are on the warm side, making outdoor activities available year-round.

Sharpstown features a variety of housing options, as it features both old and new buildings. The neighborhood really took off in the middle of the 19th century and much of the apartment architecture reflects that. 

Residents of Sharpstown love that the area is family-friendly, close to good shopping, near the highway and full of medical facilities. 

Oak Forest/Garden Oaks is a neighborhood in north Houston. The major highways in the area include Northwest Freeway and Interstate 610. Residents in Oak Forest/Garden Oaks have access to a train, which runs inbound to the city and outbound from downtown. 

This popular neighborhood has the feel of an affluent suburb but is within close proximity to the city center. Residents who live in Oak Forest/Garden Oaks have several shopping options, including the Pinemont and Northbrook Shopping Centers. Specialty shops and boutiques dot the rest of Oak Forest/Garden Oaks, attracting shoppers from nearby neighborhoods. 

The Montrose Art Society is in the northern area of Oak Forest/Garden Oaks and locals can join the organization to hone their craft. Members share their knowledge with the community through teaching, curating exhibits or volunteering. 

Oak Forest/Garden Oaks has several parks where residents can enjoy the warm Houston weather. Temperature highs stay between about 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit year round, which is great for those who love to be outside. The neighborhood is dog-friendly as owners can can take their pets to TC Jester Dog Park. A creek runs north/south through Oak Forest/Garden Oaks and the White Oak Bayou Trail follows it. 

The Oak Forest/Garden Oaks neighborhood has a few night life options that include bars and live music venues. No matter your preferred atmosphere, you're sure to find a spot that suits you.

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