Congress Southeast is a neighborhood on the southeast side of Los Angeles. Highway 110 runs north-south through the center of the area and it leads to the LA city center. Century Freeway is south of Congress Southeast and moves traffic east-west. Most neighborhood residents own a car as the only public transportation available is a limited bus system. 

This mostly residential neighborhood has small single-family homes as well as apartment buildings. The streets are lined with palm trees and the sky is blue most of the time. LA has mild weather year round, staying between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The restaurant options in Congress Southeast are slim, with barbecue places dominating the landscape. Congress Southeast a quiet neighborhood focused on community engagement rather than night life.

The Mark Twain Public Library is the Congress Southeast branch of the Los Angeles Public Library System. Not only do residents use this resource to check out books, but it's also where they attend clubs and classes. For example, kids and teens can join the LACMA Art Program where they'll learn painting skills.

There are several public schools in the neighborhood, making it kid-friendly. Ted Watkins Memorial Park is just east of Congress Southeast and residents use this spot to enjoy the warm weather. 

Woodland Hills-Warner Center is a neighborhood on the far northwest side of Los Angeles. Major streets in the area include Ventura Freeway and Topanga Canyon Boulevard. There are bus stops in the area, but most Woodland Hills-Warner Center residents drive to travel around the city. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the city center. 

Woodland Hills-Warner Center sits in the San Fernando Valley and has a great view and gorgeous year-round weather. Residents can enjoy these perks by hiking through the hills or jogging in a park. You'll also find plenty of bike paths. The further south you travel, the more mountainous the terrain becomes. When you reach the top of a mountain, you can look down into the valley to see Woodland Hills-Warner Center in its entirety. 

The Westfield Shopping Mall Promenade is Woodland Hills-Warner Center's most popular mall. This outdoor strip mall features chain cafes, restaurants, clothing stores, bookshops and courtyards for lounging in the sun. For a more local shopping experience, take a walk down Ventura Boulevard. You'll find mom-and-pop diners and homestyle Italian restaurants.

Spend your weekends enjoying Woodland Hills-Warner Center's night life. You can choose from bars, restaurants, karaoke spots and more. 

The neighborhood is full of schools, including several charter programs, making Woodland Hills-Warner Center a great place for families. 

Wilshire Center-Koreatown is a neighborhood on the northwest side of Los Angeles. Residents can take Hollywood Freeway or Rosa Parks Freeway to drive around the city, or utilize public transportation; bus stops sit on just about every corner and the neighborhood has a train line. 

The Koreatown part of Wilshire Center-Koreatown is known for its ethnic-inspired businesses. This area is the place to be if you love Korean food. However, it has a stronger Hispanic population than an Asian one. Residents enjoy this section of the neighborhood because of it's eclectic shopping and dining opportunities.

The Wilshire Center section of the neighborhood has a popular night life scene. Residents looking for a fun time have a variety of options, including wine bars, lounges and dive bars. If you don't feel like visiting one of these watering holes, then head over to the local movie theater to see the latest box office hits. Together, Wilshire Center-Koreatown is an energetic neighborhood with easy access to the city center. 

Seoul International Park is in the southern section of Wilshire Center-Koreatown and it's where residents go to enjoy the warm LA weather year round. 

Wilshire Center-Koreatown has a variety of schools in the neighborhood with programs for all age groups. There are also specialized institutions, such as art schools and law schools. 

Wilmington is a neighborhood on the far south side of Los Angeles near the Pacific Ocean coastline. Pacific Coast Highway, Harbor Freeway and Terminal Island Freeway are the major roads in the area. Wilmington also has several train lines as well as a bus system that allows residents to use public transportation for all their travel needs.

The Banning Museum is located in Wilmington. This historic mansion was once owned by Phineas Banning, founder of the neighborhood. The 23-room home was built in 1864 in the Greek Revival style. You can stop in to take a tour or attend an event sponsored by the museum.

Make the most of living near the coast by enjoying fresh seafood at one of Wilmington's many popular restaurants. Mexican restaurants are also in vast supply as Wilmington is far south. Enjoy some authentic dishes while eating outside in gorgeous LA weather.

The Harbor Park Golf Course is just west of Wilmington and it is a great place to practice your swing. Wilmington also has several parks and recreation centers for those who like to stay active. 

Wilmington is full of resale shops where residents can get a great deal on clothing or other items. Of course, the neighborhood also features independently owned stores that sell new goods. 

Westchester-Playa Del Rey is a combination neighborhood in the southwest side of Los Angeles that brings together the two separate areas. Interstate 405, Interstate 105 and the Pacific Coast Highway go through the neighborhood, offering drivers passage through the city. 

The Los Angeles International Airport takes up much of Westchester-Playa Del Rey's south side. Residents have easy access to this international transportation hub, which is especially good for those who love to travel.

The mild temperatures in the LA area create the perfect weather for outdoor activities. Residents of Westchester-Playa Del Rey make use of this fact by visiting the beach, playing golf or spending time at one of the neighborhood's local parks. The Dockweiler Bike Path is the perfect way to cycle through the neighborhood. Professional cyclists and leisure riders alike will enjoy the scenic ride. 

Westchester-Playa Del Rey is home to a variety of restaurants and shops. You'll find sushi, pizza, American pub-style food and more in the neighborhood. The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center is a popular shopping spot that has retail outlets, dining opportunities and a movie theater. 

The Kentwood Players perform live theater in the northeast section of Westchester-Playa Del Rey. With new shows every season, the Kentwood Players are sure to keep you entertained year round. 

Van Nuys is a neighborhood in northwest Los Angeles. Its western border is defined by the San Diego Freeway – aka Interstate 405 – and the Ventura Freeway lies to the south. The northern boundary of the neighborhood is created by a train line, which takes its riders to Burbank, Calif., then down into the city center or farther west. 

The neighborhood is home to the Van Nuys Airport, which opened on Dec. 17, 1928, marking the 25th anniversary of the first flight taken by the Wright Brothers. The airport has a certification program that allows students to learn airframe and power plant mechanics.

Van Nuys Golf Course is located near the airport. The course has a total of 27 par 3, holes which are lit for night play. Golfers can go through the course, practice in the driving range or take lessons from professionals. Golf is a perfect activity for those who want to enjoy the warm average temperatures of LA. 

Because Van Nuys is so close to Hollywood, it has been the filming site of several movies. For example, the local high school was featured in the movie "Grease." Scenes from "True Lies," "Lethal Weapon," "American Beauty" and "Pearl Harbor" were filmed at Van Nuys Air Port. 

The Colony is a neighborhood in Anaheim, Calif. Highway 5 runs through the area, taking drivers to Los Angeles (which is about half an hour away) or south toward San Diego. Huntington Beach is just southwest of The Colony and is only a half hour drive away. Residents enjoy heading to the Pacific Ocean for a swim or into LA for a night out. However, The Colony itself is full of things to enjoy.

There are several parks in the area, which are perfect outdoor destinations. The average high temperatures in The Colony stay between 70 and 90 degrees, making outside recreation a popular activity for residents. Go for a bike ride through the picturesque streets or accompany friends to the park for a picnic. 

Several train lines run through The Colony, making it one of the more commuter-friendly areas in Orange County. 

The Colony is the oldest and largest part of Anaheim's historic district. The Historic Society takes residents and visitors on a variety of tours, including close looks at homes and a vineyard. 

Disneyland is directly south of The Colony and those who live in California can get a reduced cost seasonal pass. A day of Disney park fun can be just a train ride away from your apartment if you choose to live in The Colony. 

Sylmar is a neighborhood on the far northwest side of Los Angeles. The area is bordered to the west by Highway 5, and the Foothill Freeway runs through the center of Sylmar. The former can lead travelers into the city center. While public transportation is limited, biking in the neighborhood is a great option. The weather is typically warmer than the rest of LA, but the San Fernando Road Bike Path is still a nice ride. 

MB2 Raceway is a local attraction that brings in those who love to drive fast. This indoor karting facility has courses for those of all levels from easy to challenging. The staff there uses a points system to inform each driver how they performed during a race. 

Sylmar has a wide selection of Hispanic restaurants that serve authentic cuisine. Shopping is limited in the neighborhood, though residents can find basic needs, such as grocery stores.

Gonzales Gallery features several shows at one time from residential artists. Stop in to view the work or make a purchase for your new place.

The historic Adobes of LA are structures built as early as the 1800s. The LA Casa DE Geronimo Lopez is in the Sylmar neighborhood and is an example of local history. 

Reseda is a neighborhood located in northwest Los Angeles. The area is primarily residential and has a quiet-town feel because there are no trains or major highways in the immediate vicinity. The population of Reseda is small, giving it a homey atmosphere. Those living in Reseda have a great view of the nearby mountains and the streets are lined with trees. The local bus system is the only public transit offering in the neighborhood. 

The average weather in the LA area is warm and sunny with winter highs around 68 degrees Fahrenheit and summer highs at 88. It's the perfect weather to enjoy one of the many parks in Reseda by going for a jog, taking a hike, reading a book and more. 

Reseda offers a mix of dining choices from authentic Mexican to Thai. Try a dish from one of the many seafood restaurants in the area. LA is right on the Pacific Ocean, so fresh fish is always available whether you like it cooked or raw in a sushi dish. 

Reseda is near the Japanese Garden. The grounds feature native Japanese plants, oriental architecture and traditional landscaping. The staff hosts events and exhibits, such as Origami Day, where residents can learn more about traditional Japanese culture. 

Sherman Oaks is a neighborhood in northwest Los Angeles. The western border is formed by Interstate 405, which takes drivers into the city center and eventually south. Ventura Freeway goes east-west through the area. A train line cuts through the northeast corner of Sherman Oaks, though most travelers use a vehicle or bicycle to get around. 

Sherman Oaks is a great neighborhood for the fashion-forward person. There are two malls in the area, including the Sherman Oaks Galleria and Westfield Fashion Square. Both are indoors and feature storefronts for designer brands like Michael Kors, Coach and more. 

The LA Connection Comedy Theatre is located in Sherman Oaks. Stop by to get your fill of stand-up or watch an improv troupe create skits on the spot. They hold shows Thursdays through Sundays and host comedy classes on Monday nights.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the California weather in this neighborhood. Castle Park is a miniature golf course with creative obstacles and lovely landscaping. Van Nuys Sherman Oaks War Memorial Park has sports fields, green space and a playground. The southern section of the neighborhood is filled with parks that take hikers through hilly topography. As you make your way into the mountains, be sure to stop at a lookout point to enjoy the view of LA. 

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