Tacony-Wissinoming is a neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia located along the Delaware River. Major roads in the area include Frankford Avenue and the Delaware Expressway. Tacony-Wissinoming residents have access to public transportation in the way of buses and trains. However, public transit is spread throughout the neighborhood, so many locals own a car or ride their bike to the nearest station.

The Quaker City Flea Market was established in 1974 and is the oldest flea market in Philadelphia. Vendors sell a variety of wares, from collectable knick-knacks to antiques and more. Residents from all over Philadelphia come to Tacony-Wissinoming to peruse Quaker City. 

The Devon Theater was built in 1946 and renovated in 2009. The historic building is now a performing arts center and a movie theater. Visitors can enjoy a glass of wine while watching a classic film. Tacony-Wissinoming residents also find entertainment at the local bars, many of which serve as live music venues. 

If you're craving a classic Philadelphia cheesestake, then your Tacony-Wissinoming neighborhood is a great place to find one. Several area restaurants serve the local favorite. 

Tacony-Wissinoming is home to buildings constructed in the 18th and 19th centuries. There are single-family homes, multi-family homes and apartment complexes that have great character. 

South Philadelphia West is a neighborhood in Philadelphia located near the Delaware River. It's bordered on the west by the Schuylkill River, which feeds into the Delaware River. Major roads in the area include the Delaware Expressway, Schuylkill Expressway and Broad Street. South Philadelphia West residents have access to both train and bus lines, which transport them to locations throughout the city. 

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park is located in the southeast corner of the neighborhood and is home to several community features. FDR Golf Club attracts golfers in the area and First Tee of Greater Philadelphia trains young athletes.

The American Swedish Historical Museum is also located in the park. Founded in 1926, the museum is the oldest Swedish museum in the U.S. Exhibits celebrate Swedish culture and include a look into Swedish authors, textiles, prints and more.

The diverse culture of South Philadelphia West is apparent in its restaurants. Residents can indulge in a variety of cuisines, including Middle Eastern, Italian and Japanese. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto owns a restaurant in South Philadelphia West called Morimoto. There you will dine on exquisite sushi and fabulous Japanese favorites. 

An outdoor strip mall sits in the center of the neighborhood and features several chain shops. Stores are also scattered throughout South Philadelphia West. 

Rhawnhurst is a neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia, right along Pennypack Creek. Roosevelt Boulevard and Lincoln Highway run through the center of the area. Residents can travel through the city on these major streets or use public transportation, such as trains and buses. 

Residents of Rhawnhurst have no shortage of shopping options, with three malls located in the area. Roosevelt Mall, Cottman and Bustleton Center and Bell's Corner Shopping Center each feature a chain retail store as well as independent local shops. 

Nazareth Hospital is located on the east edge of Rhawnhurst, and it's where residents of the neighborhood go if they have an emergency or simply need a checkup. 

Make the most of your close proximity to Pennypack Creek by spending your time at the parks surrounding it.  Pennypack Trail follows the length of the creek, making for a great hiking trip. The green space around the creek is perfect for picnics, sports games and walking your dog. 

Most of Rhawnhurst is residential, with row houses and apartment complexes packed together. Because the area is densely populated, you'll have plenty of opportunities to converse with your neighbors. 

Families love the Rhawnhurst neighborhood because there are many schools in the area, so your kids will be able to go to preschool through high school. 

Oxford Circle-Castor is a neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia. Lincoln Highway and Roosevelt Boulevard are on the eastern edge of the area and both lead into the "Oxford Circle," a ring of streets at the edge of the neighborhood. Public transportation in Oxford Circle-Castor is abundant, with both trains and buses running to and from the city center.

Oxford Circle-Castor has a variety of eateries, from upscale contemporary lounges to mom-and-pop-style diners to ethnic restaurants. Your taste buds are certain to be satisfied no matter where you choose to eat in your Philadelphia neighborhood. 

Residents of Oxford Circle-Castor have plenty to do every night of the week. If recreational sports and games are your passion, visit T-Bird Lanes for a night of bowling. The Roller Thunder skating rink is another popular spot for leisurely activity.

Those who prefer to find entertainment outside will have plenty of options with the parks in Oxford Circle-Castor. Residents of the area deal with seasons and changing weather, but outdoor activity is still a great way to spend the day in this neighborhood. For example. Tarken Playground has play equipment, green space and a recreation center on site. 

Roosevelt Mall is just north of Oxford Circle-Castor and it's a popular place for residents to shop. 

Overbrook is a neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia. City and Landcaster avenues are the major roads in the area. Residents have easy access to other areas of the city when driving on these avenues, though public transportation is another option. A train line runs through the east side of Overbrook, taking passengers to the city center and beyond. There are bus stops on many street corners, giving residents a number of transit options.

Both the east and west branches of Indian Creek flow north/south through the center of Overbrook. Morris Park surrounds these branches, giving residents a peaceful area to enjoy nature. Cobbis Creek forms the western border of Overbrook, which is also surrounded by green​ space.

The City Avenue Shopping Center is located in the northwest section of Overbrook and is a great place to make shopping trips. Dining options are numerous and residents can stop for a bite to eat at any number of chain locations. 

Cobb's Creek Golf Club and it's Karakung and Olde Golf courses are located on Overbrook's south side. The club hosts leagues and teaches classes for golfers of all proficiency levels. Take your pick of either course for a day on the greens. 

There are plenty of neighborhood associations in Overbrook where residents can enjoy the benefits of living in the area. For example, the library is located near the center of Overbrook and hosts clubs for the community. 

Olney is a neighborhood in north Philadelphia located between North Broad Street and Roosevelt Boulevard. There are a couple train lines in the vicinity: one that cuts through Olney and one that borders it to the west. Bus stops dot the neighborhood and act as another option for public transportation. However, most locals rely on vehicles to travel around the area. 

This diverse residential community has a strong Korean population, which is noticeable in the shops and businesses there. Philadelphia residents looking for authentic Korean eateries head north to Olney. 

The variety of parks and green space is a major feature of Olney. Though temperatures do drop in the winter, residents still enjoy these spots when temperatures are warmer. The entire eastern border of Olney is created by Tacony Creek and its surrounding parks. Residents can enjoy a stroll near the water, go on a picnic with friends or bring their dog for a walk. 

The Olney Plaza Shopping Center is an outdoor strip mall that houses a variety of stores. Residents stop by to complete their shopping or travel to other areas of the neighborhood to visit individual stores.

There are public, private and charter schools in Olney that are perfect for families with kids of all ages and abilities.

North Philadelphia West is a neighborhood in north Philadelphia. This section of Philadelphia has a train line running right through the area that takes passengers all over the city. The line splits at the neighborhood's southwest corner and creates several additional lines. The western border of the neighborhood is made up by North 33rd Street and Fairmont Park.

Fairmont Park has athletic fields, a pond, a river, playgrounds and paths. Though the average temperature in Philadelphia fluctuates depending on the season, even hot and cold days are gorgeous when spent at this North Philadelphia West park.

Many of the buildings in the area were designed during the art deco movement, which took hold after World War I. They have strong, bold lines mixed with natural patterns. Your apartment in North Philadelphia West could feature some of these designs.

North Philadelphia West is the home of Project 4 Ever Striving. This group helps those transitioning back into society (after prison, therapy, etc.) by providing job counseling, housing opportunities and more. The project is in partnership with the Department of Public Welfare. 

There are many schools in the North Philadelphia West neighborhood, including both public and private spanning from elementary through high school. There is also a math and science school for gifted kids. 

Northeast Philadelphia is a neighborhood in Philadelphia. The area is home to the Northeast Philadelphia Airport. Businesses have sprung up in Northeast Philadelphia to cater to travelers, including hotels, restaurants and transportation services. There are several train lines in Northeast Philadelphia, most of which take passengers to the airport or into the city center. 

Lincoln Highway forms the western border of the neighborhood and Woodhaven Road cuts through the neighborhood's center. Other major roads nearby include the Delaware Expressway and Bristol Pike. 

Most of Northeast Philadelphia is industrial, as there are plenty of headquarters in the area. These corporations provide employment for many Philadelphia residents. 

Northeast Philadelphia is a hotspot for outlet malls. You can find discounted goods at one of the many storefronts in the area. Whether you're shopping for your new apartment or looking for the latest fashion trend, you don't have to spend much money when you live in Northeast Philadelphia. 

Residents of the neighborhood love the many parks there. These green spaces are a natural feature that bring life to the area. You can take your dog for a walk at Walton Run, meet friends for a game of Frisbee at Pennyback Park or enjoy the landscape of Benjamin Rush State Park. 

North Philadelphia East is a neighborhood located in north Philadelphia. There are a couple train tracks close to the area that cross near the intersection of North Broad Street and West Lehigh Avenue. That train line dips into North Philadelphia East. Another line goes north-south along the eastern border of the neighborhood. Residents can take those rails into the city center or further out into other areas of Philadelphia. 

The Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site is in the southern section of the neighborhood. Tour the macabre writer's home to learn about his influence on other industries, such as film. Discover what motivated his stories with a day at the site.

North Philadelphia East boasts corner coffee shops and quaint boutiques where residents can experience unique shopping. However, those who are looking for specific chain retailers may have to hop on the train to other neighborhoods. 

There are several parks scattered throughout the neighborhood with spots for picnics, dog walking, sports and more. North Philadelphia East is a nice area for pet owners as there are boarding locations, adoption centers and green spaces in the neighborhood. Take your dog out for a walk, bring home a new friend or leave your pet in a safe place during a weekend away. 

Logan-Ogontz-Fern Rock is a neighborhood in north Philadelphia. There are three major transportation centers in the area, including the Fern Rock Transportation Center, Olney Transportation Center and the Septa Wayne Junction Substation. Getting around this neighborhood or traveling into the city center is easy via the many train lines available. 

The southern border of the area is created by Roosevelt Boulevard. North Broad Street runs north-south up the center of the neighborhood. You should have no problems traveling either in the city or outside it whether you drive or prefer public transit. 

Logan-Ogontz-Fern Rock is home to LaSalle University and many of the neighborhood's residents are students there. You can choose from a range of academic programs from which to study. The LaSalle Art Museum is also nearby and is open to the public. It brings in a number of exhibits each year that cover a variety of mediums and historical movements. For example, the museum hosted an exhibit in late 2013 on the printmakers of the Baroque period. 

The neighborhood has a variety of housing options from high-rise apartment complexes to smaller buildings. Many residential streets are lined with row houses that were popular during the 1800s. Because of this fact, the area has a colonial look. 

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