Chimney Lakes is a neighborhood on the far southwest side of Jacksonville, Fla. Major roads nearby include West Beltway 295 and 103rd Street. Neighborhood residents rely on vehicles to travel around the city, as Chimney Lakes does not have a public transportation system.

Jennings State Forest is located just southwest of Chimney Lakes, though the northernmost part of it is within neighborhood limits. The forest features numerous trails where locals can hike, bike and horseback ride. A creek also runs through the park and visitors are welcome to canoe or kayak. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission monitors hunting during the season. 

The average high temperatures in Jacksonville range from about 65 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to approximately 90 degrees in summer. 

The rest of Chimney Lakes is dotted with small bodies of water. Homes and apartments have been constructed near these idyllic locations. You'll find a few shopping and dining opportunities in the neighborhood. Florida chain restaurant Gator's Dockside has a location in Chimney Lakes. There's also a pizza place in the area.

The Argyle Branch of the Jacksonville Public Library is located in Chimney Lakes and it's a great resource for books, movies and music. Furthermore, the library subscribes to an e-book service, so residents can download books to their digital readers.