There's a neighborhood on Houston's southeast side that goes by the name of Clear Lake. The area is probably best known as the home of NASA's Johnson Space Center. The Mission Control Center in Johnson is where NASA workers direct all space shuttle missions, including International Space Station assembly flights. MCC also speaks to and directs astronauts and activities in the International Space Station. With events and educational opportunities, Johnson is a great resource for Clear Lake locals.

Clear Lake is also home to a University of Houston campus. The university has a variety of both graduate and undergraduate programs from which to choose. Between the Johnson Space Center and the school, Clear Lake has an intellectual feel. However, Clear Lake isn't all science. The Upper Bay Frame & Gallery exhibits local art. This BYOB hub allows guests to rent out space for a wine and painting night. 

Residents of Clear Lake have access to water sports thanks to its proximity to the body of water that gave the neighborhood its name. Clear Lake also has a variety of bars, restaurants and shopping opportunities. The Kemah Boardwalk, which juts out into the lake, is an amusement park that's fun for people of all ages. The site holds unique events every season, such as wine festivals and parades.