Congress Southeast is a neighborhood on the southeast side of Los Angeles. Highway 110 runs north-south through the center of the area and it leads to the LA city center. Century Freeway is south of Congress Southeast and moves traffic east-west. Most neighborhood residents own a car as the only public transportation available is a limited bus system. 

This mostly residential neighborhood has small single-family homes as well as apartment buildings. The streets are lined with palm trees and the sky is blue most of the time. LA has mild weather year round, staying between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The restaurant options in Congress Southeast are slim, with barbecue places dominating the landscape. Congress Southeast a quiet neighborhood focused on community engagement rather than night life.

The Mark Twain Public Library is the Congress Southeast branch of the Los Angeles Public Library System. Not only do residents use this resource to check out books, but it's also where they attend clubs and classes. For example, kids and teens can join the LACMA Art Program where they'll learn painting skills.

There are several public schools in the neighborhood, making it kid-friendly. Ted Watkins Memorial Park is just east of Congress Southeast and residents use this spot to enjoy the warm weather.