Delmar Parkway is a residential neighborhood of Aurora, Colorado, that rests about 6.5 miles east of Denver. Delmar Parkway is a rectangular area that runs south of East Colfax Avenue. The neighborhood extends southward to 6th Avenue between Yosemite Street and Peoria Street. Other major nearby motorways include Del Mar Parkway and 11th Avenue. From Delmar Parkway, downtown Denver averages a 20-minute commute by car. Public bus transportation is also available.

Delmar Parkway abuts the Community College of Aurora at Lowry. Local amenities near the school include grocery stores, banks, a thrift shop and a movie theater. The neighborhood also boasts a number of parks and recreational facilities, including Fulton Park, Havana Park and Nome Park. Nome Park and Havana Park are both small, local green spaces complete with playgrounds. Fulton Park is more expansive and contains a basketball court, football field, baseball diamond and tennis court.

The area surrounding Delmar Park includes other attractions. For instance, the neighborhood is within close driving distance of several public golf courses, as well as the Denver Zoo. The area is directly west of downtown Aurora, a vibrant area with historical sites, eateries and a history museum.