Diamond Hill-Jarvis is a neighborhood on the north side of Fort Worth, Texas, which is just west of Dallas. Major roads in the area include North Freeway, North Main Street and Meacham Boulevard. Neighborhood residents can travel throughout the city via car, train or bus. Downtown Fort Worth is a short 15-minute drive from Diamond Hill-Jarvis.

Meacham International Airport and the Vintage Flying Museum are just west of the neighborhood. The museum is run by a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving old aircraft. You can visit the museum to see historic planes or join a summer program to learn more about the history of aircraft. Teens can take a summer class for free. 

The northeast part of Diamond Hill-Jarvis is filled with farmland and some industrial areas, and the rest of the neighborhood is mostly residential. A few shops, restaurants and grocery stores are dotted between the houses and apartments. 

Diamond Hill-Jarvis is home to Diamond Hill High School, which is located in the center of the neighborhood. You'll also find a health center and a community center in the area. The Diamond Hill Community Center offers classes to kids, teens and adults and it has a gym. Membership affords you access to those programs.