Dobson Ranch is a neighborhood on the southwest side of Mesa, Ariz., which is near Phoenix. Major roads in the are include Superstition Freeway, North Price Road and Baseline Road. Dobson Ranch residents can travel around the city by car or bus. 

The neighborhood is named after the ranch that was owned by Wilson Wesley Dobson. He purchased the land in 1886 and it stayed in the Dobson family for generations. The city of Mesa began buying the land in the 1970s and eventually turned it into the neighborhood that exists today. 

Dobson Ranch is primarily residential, with homes and apartments dotting the terrain, though you will find plenty of recreational activities in which to engage. Dobson Ranch Golf Course is located in the center of the neighborhood and features a 72-par course with 18 holes. If you feel like practicing your swing, you can also head to the course's driving range.

Dobson's Restaurant is an eatery located inside the original Dobson home. You enjoy a meal after a game of golf and learn about the neighborhood's history. The area has plenty of other restaurants and cafes You'll find Mexican and Vietnamese cuisine as well as chains such as Starbucks and Old Chicago.