Downtown Indianapolis is a neighborhood located in the heart of Indianapolis. Major roads in the area include Interstates 65 and 70. Area residents can travel about the city via car, bus or train. 

The west edge of Downtown Indianapolis is bordered by White Lick Creek. That creek passes through a large park area on the southwest edge of the neighborhood. The park is home to the Indianapolis Zoo, White River Gardens, the Indiana State Museum, Military Park and more. 

Veterans Memorial Plaza is situated in the center of the neighborhood, which also contains the Indiana War Memorial. The Indianapolis Central Library is located just north of the plaza.

There are many bars and restaurants in Downtown Indianapolis. No matter which section of the area you're in, you'll find somewhere to spend your evening. For example, Easley Winery is located on the eastern edge of Downtown Indianapolis and it offers wine tastings daily. You can also schedule a tour. 

The Indianapolis City Market is an indoor shopping center where you'll find gourmet food and wine as well as produce and meat straight from the farm. It's open six days a week and is the perfect spot to get all your dinner ingredients.

You'll also find tons of shopping opportunities in Downtown Indianapolis.