Downtown Woburn is the central neighborhood of Woburn, Massachusetts, a city about 10 miles northeast of Boston. Woburn is one of the oldest communities in New England with a history dating back to 1640. The city of Woburn's lengthy history results in a medley of gorgeous architecture that spans across several centuries. This neighborhood forms south of the Yankee Division Highway and expands to encompass all of Woburn's downtown. 

The south end of this neighborhood tapers around Horn Pond and the Woburn Reservoir. Horn Pond and the park surrounding it offer a recreational getaway for any hiker, jogger or kayaker. The pond features a  public boat launch and permits fishing. The Woburn Reservoir is another great fishing option for any avid angler.The Woburn Country Club and a Whole Foods Market are also close by to the Downtown Woburn neighborhood. 

The Woburn Public Library is a National Historic Landmark designed by renowned architect H.H. Richardson. The library is dedicated to serving the Woburn community and includes an art gallery, reading room and study hall.  

​Downtown Woburn is a twenty-minute commute by car to downtown Boston. Public transportation is also available.