Dudley-Brunswick King is an expansive residential neighborhood south of Boston. The northern border of this neighborhood is formed by the intersection of Magazine Street and Massachusetts Avenue. Dudley-Brunswick King then expands southward between Blue Hill Avenue and the tracks for the Franklin Train Line, which run directly to downtown Boston. Dudley-Brunswick King is approximately a twenty-minute commute by car or public transit. 

An enormous green space abuts the south border of Dudley-Brunswick King. The area consists of Franklin Park Zoo, William J. Devine Golf Course, the Franklin Park Playstead, several cemeteries and Arnold Arboretum. The Franklin Park Zoo houses a menagerie of animals in multiple habitats, including a tropical forest and giraffe savannah. The highly-rated William J. Devine Golf Course is over 100 years old and is the nation's second oldest golf course. The Arnold Arboretum is a National Historic Landmark holding over 280 acres of natural splendor. 

Dudley-Brunswick King is also only two miles away from the Harbor Walk, an extensive waterside trail, making it an ideal neighborhood for runners and bikers looking for scenic routes within close proximity to the neighborhood.