Eldridge – West Oaks is a super neighborhood in Houston, Texas, meaning it covers the area of several smaller neighborhoods. Located on the west side of the city, Eldridge – West Oaks is nestled between WestPark Tollroad and U.S. Highway 6. The area has several bike trails residents can use to travel around the neighborhood. However, most errands require a car to accomplish. Fortunately, the average temperature in Houston promotes cycling. In the winter, lows drop to around 45 degrees Fahrenheit while the summer weather temperatures get as high as 93 degrees. 

The Eldridge – West Oaks neighborhood has an atmosphere that mixes urban and suburban into one. Much of the housing in the area comes in the form of apartment buildings. However, these structures sit along tree-lined streets, giving the neighborhood a quiet feel. 

George Bush Park is located on the west end of the neighborhood. The giant green space attracts residents from all over Houston as it is the sixth largest park in the nation. Hike the trails, fish in streams and ponds, or visit the rifle and pistol shooting range to improve your shot. Either bring your own firearm or rent one for some target practice. One area of the park allows owners to take their dogs off their leashes. Another spot is reserved for pilots of model airplanes. As you stroll along, you may just see a fleet of these high flyers.