Elmhurst is located on the west side of Queens. The neighborhood is easy to traverse, with options such as the subway (which has multiple stops in Elmhurst), bus system and major highways. The area is bordered by the Long Island and Brooklyn-Queens expressways. Queens Boulevard runs through the center of Elmhurst. The subway will get commuters who work in Manhattan to their jobs in 30-40 minutes on most trains or in 50 minutes during rush hour. 

The Queens Center is a popular shopping destination in the area. Its numerous stores and handful of restaurants make the Queens Center an all-day destination. The mall hosts several events throughout the year. Santa Claus visits during the holidays. The NYPD has also stopped by to teach consumers about identity theft. 

Elmhurst has a reputation as a diverse neighborhood. As a result, shopping and dining is also ethnically diverse. The Hong Kong Supermarket brings Asian ingredients to home cooks. There are Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian restaurants, and more. Residents of Elmhurst enjoy eating out at one of the many dining hubs in the area. 

The neighborhood has a few parks and playgrounds and several schools. There are both public and private schools in Elmhurst. Overall, the neighborhood is affordable, friendly and unique, with transportation being one of its best features.