Flushing is a neighborhood in north Queens, New York City. A train line runs east-west straight through the center of the area. The southern border is formed by the Long Island Expressway and the western edge is created by the Van Wycke Expressway. Flushing sits along the mouth of the East River.

Kissena Park takes up much of the southern section of Flushing. This lush space is home to a tree grove that began as a horticultural nursery for the New York region in the 19th century. There are hiking and biking trails, fishing hot spots, sports courts and a golf course within the park. The Kissena Velodrome is another unique feature of the park. This is where cyclists go to practice for and compete in races. 

The Queens Historical Society is on the neighborhood's west side. Established in 1968, this nonprofit organization researches and teaches the history of Queens. Much of what the society does is focused around slavery and the connection between the Underground Railroad and New York City. Residents can take live tours of the historic Kingsland Homestead or take classes online to learn about the area. 

Flushing is a diverse neighborhood with a popular China Town area. There residents can find authentic Asian cuisine and imported oddities.