Fort Bend Houston is a neighborhood on the far southwest side of Houston. Major roads in the area include the Sam Houston Tollway and Fort Bend Parkway. Residents can use the bus system for public transportation. However, routes are limited, so most residents rely on vehicles to travel.

Fort Bend Houston is mostly residential with sweeping green spaces between homes and apartment buildings. Fort Bend Houston gives residents a view of big Texas skies and open plains. 

Parks and playgrounds are interspersed between residential lots, schools and churches in the neighborhood. Fort Bend Houston is a quiet family-friendly area. 

Those who work in the city center have a half hour commute if they take the highways – bus transportation will require more time, as travelers have to transfer lines. 

There are only a handful of restaurants in the Fort Bend Houston neighborhood. There are, however, a variety of auto dealers and repair shops as well as home improvement stores. Residents have several grocery store options, depending on their location in the neighborhood. 

The weather in Fort Bend Houston is relatively warm all year. The average temperature in winter is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit while summer temperatures are in the 80s. The weather is ideal for those who enjoy being outdoors