The Frankford neighborhood is located on Philadelphia's northeast side. One major benefit of living in the area is that there is no shortage of public transportation. Frankford is home to the Frankford Transportation Center, which sends and receives trains and buses throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The Transportation Center is at the heart of the neighborhood, giving residents easy access to anywhere in the city. 

If you can walk to the Transportation Center, you can get to grocery stores, restaurants and shops as they all surround the building. The Frankford neighborhood is very walkable and is a great home for people who do not want the hassle of owning a vehicle. Take a stroll down Frankford Avenue to find restaurants and cafes of all kinds. This area, known as the Frankford Avenue Arts Corridor, also features locally owned businesses and boutiques. From upholstery to music stores, you can meet your shopping needs along the corridor. 

The Arts Shop – an event hosted in the arts corridor – features local artists and vendors along the street. 

The Historical Society of Frankford – located on the west side of the neighborhood  –  hosts a variety of exhibits, such as a military and fireman's hall museum. The adjoining library gives residents access to volumes of research material. Stop in for a day of exploring local history or to volunteer your time.