Gardendale is a neighborhood on the northwest side of San Antonio. Major roads nearby include McDermott Freeway, South PanAm Expressway and West Martin Street. Neighborhood residents can travel throughout the city via car, train or bus. Driving to the city center is a short ride, about 10 minutes. 

Martinez Creek runs through the center of Gardendale. Residents can enjoy the warm San Antonio weather by hiking along the creek. The average high temperatures in the area range from about 65 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to approximately 95 degrees in summer. Head to one of the neighborhood's parks to go for a jog or walk your dog. Mario Farias Park is on the south side of Gardendale and Ojeda Park is located in the center of the neighborhood.

There are several bars and restaurants in Gardendale, most of which are on the southern edge of the neighborhood. Residents can visit one of the many Mexican eateries to get delicious cuisine.

Gardendale is home to a few schools, including Margil Elementary School, the Henry Ford Academy Alameda School for Art and Design and the Willie Velasquez Learning Center.

The neighborhood is composed of residential units and manufacturing plants, such as San Antonio Armature Works, which performs mechanical repairs for a variety of companies. Many Gardendale restaurants work at these factories.