Glendale is a neighborhood in the northwest region of Everett, Massachusetts, which is about 5 miles directly north of downtown Boston. From Glendale, Boston is a 20-minute commute by car or a 25-minute commute via the Orange Line train. Major roads in the area include the Northeast Expressway and Massachusetts Route 99.

The city of Everett has a rich history dating back to 1870. Though Everett is in close proximity to Boston, the city has a number of things to do locally.The neighborhood several recreational parks on the shoreline of the Malden River, including the Mystic River Reservation. Everett also has a rock climbing gym, indoor trampoline park and baseball stadium.

Major nearby stores including Costco, Target and Michaels. The Glendale neighborhood also holds local butcher shops, bakeries, restaurants, markets and bars. 

Glendale is close by to the Rumney Marsh Reservation, a saltmarsh filled with wildlife and a perfect place for boating, bird-watching and fishing. There are several other major parks and preservations within close driving distance. Directly north of Glendale is Mount Hood Golf Club. Boston Logan International Airport is easily accessible from Glendale as well, making the neighborhood an advantageous location for constant travelers.