Greater Fondren Southwest is a neighborhood located in Houston. It has several nearby freeways, including U.S. Route 59, also known as Southwest Freeway, U.S. Route 90 and the Sam Houston Tollway. The highways are very accessible and take residents all over the city. Residents of Greater Fondren Southwest will need a vehicle to get around town as there is very little public transportation in the neighborhood. Most errands, such as grocery shopping, also require a car. 

Greater Fondren Southwest is a diverse neighborhood with people from a variety of backgrounds. The Raindrop Foundation is located on the west side of the area. The foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Turkish-Americans that helps integrate migrants into American society. It hosts cultural festivals, arranges trips to Turkey and offers educational classes. There are also Baptist churches, Buddhist and Hindi Temples, and a Jewish school in the neighborhood. 

The diversity of Greater Fondren Southwest can also be seen in the neighborhood's dinning and shopping choices. Residents can satisfy their cravings for just about any ethnic food. The Russian General Store is an example of a cultural grocery shop located in Greater Fondren Southwest. 

Adventurous residents can stop at Viking Archery to improve their aim. They can also join the Southwest Bicycle Club to get to know the neighborhood while cycling.