Greater Greenspoint is a cross-shaped neighborhood located on the north side of Houston. Residents can commute to the downtown district from Greater Greenspoint using Interstate 45, Sam Houston Parkway, Hardy Toll Road or U.S. Route 59. Interstate 45 runs north-south, while Sam Houston Parkway moves traffic east-west. 

The Greenspoint Mall is located right where the two highways meet in the center of the neighborhood. This shopping center is full of department and specialty stores and is also home to a movie theater. Stop by to purchase new wardrobe pieces and stay to see the latest box office hits. The Greenspoint Transit Center is located right next to the mall. From there, residents can take buses around the neighborhood or to other areas of the city.

The National Museum of Funeral History is just north of the neighborhood and offers interesting insight into the macabre practice of mourning. Stop by to see exhibits detailing the funerals of popes and presidents or learn about ancient burying practices. 

Stop by the Ida Gaye Gardens for a walk through some lovely greenery. Winter highs in Houston stay around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can enjoy the community-raised gardens year-round. Join the Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition to help care for Ida Gaye and other gardens near the Greater Greenspoint neighborhood.