The Greater Hobby Area is located in the southeastern part of Houston. The neighborhood is named after the William P. Hobby Airport, which is in the middle of Greater Hobby. A bus route travels through the area, though residents mostly rely on cars. There is a train line on the western border of the neighborhood. Greater Hobby has access to several main highways, including Gulf Freeway, Telephone Road and Sam Houston Tollway. 

The William P. Hobby Airport is a major fixture of the neighborhood. Not only does it share a name, but the airport takes up a good amount of space. The airport supports smaller airlines like Jet Blue, Southwest and American Eagle. Those flights can take you to most major cities in the country, with some flying outside the U.S. The presence of the airport has brought other businesses to Greater Hobby. There are countless hotels and restaurants to cater to incoming flyers. 

Edgebrook Shopping Center is located on the eastern edge of Greater Hobby. Along with the many specialty shops and boutiques Edgebrook offers, it also hosts farmers markets, music concerts, and arts and crafts exhibits.

Several parks dot Greater Hobby and a creek makes up the northern border. Residents who enjoy outdoor activities will find plenty of green space in this neighborhood.