Green Valley Ranch is a residential suburb approximately 15 miles northeast of downtown Denver. The area rests south of 56th Avenue and continues betweenTower Road and Piccadilly Road until it reaches 38th Avenue. The neighborhood is conveniently located in the middle of Interstate 70, Pena Boulevard and Colorado Highway 470, ostensibly providing access to the surrounding region in every direction. Pena Boulevard also directly leads to the nearby Denver International Airport, making Green Valley Ranch a great community for any avid traveler or businessperson. From Green Valley Ranch, downtown Denver averages a 35-minute commute by car. Public bus transportation is also available. 

Green Valley Ranch has a number of local amenities including a branch of the Denver Public Library and a recreation center. The neighborhood holds numerous restaurants and parks, as well as a grocery store and pharmacy. At the heart of this area lies Green Valley Ranch Golf Club, a semi-private course complete with a driving range, practice facilities, and a bar and grill. 

The area surrounding this neighborhood holds Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Plains Conservation Center and the Denver Zoo.