Gulfton is a neighborhood on the southwest side of Houston. It's bordered by Southwest Freeway to the north and west. The West Loop, or Interstate 610, is just outside the neighborhood. Residents rely on vehicles to travel, as there is no real public transportation system in the area. Gulfton is a short 10 minute drive from the downtown district. 

This neighborhood is old, traditional and predominantly a Hispanic community. The Hispanic culture is prevalent in the city as there are plenty of authentic Mexican restaurants located in the neighborhood. Shopping centers and strip malls in Gulfton also cater to the Hispanic residents. 

The Houston Indoor Flea Market is located in the northern area of Gulfton. The shops there are eclectic and numerous. The flea market even has a club attached where locals spend their nights dancing. However, attend early enough and you'll see a few shoppers grooving with their kids. You can also find clothing, jewelry, food and more. 

The schools in the area are part of the Houston Independent School District, though there are a few private campuses as well. 

Harris County Bayland Park is located just outside the southwest edge of Gulfton. The park has playground equipment, green space and a water park.