Hampden is a residential neighborhood approximately 10 miles southeast of downtown Denver. The area lies to the north of East Hampden Avenue and expands between Interstate 25 and South Havana Street. Other major nearby motorways include Yale Avenue, Tamarac Drive and Monaco Parkway. This neighborhood provides easy access to Interstate 25 and 225. From Hampden, downtown Denver averages a 30-minute commute by car or an hour commute by public light rail transportation.

Hampden has many local amenities including a branch of the Denver Public library, a hardware store and numerous grocery stores. The neighborhood also boasts many eateries and delis. The south end of Hampden holds a Walmart Supercenter and a Whole Foods Market. This area features two movie theaters as well.

Hampden is home to a number of recreational parks, including James A. Bible Park, Hampden Heights Park, Babi Yar Park and Hentzel Park. Two golf courses border the neighborhood area, including Cherry Creek Country Club and Kennedy Golf Course.

A number of other attractions are within close driving distance. The Cherry Creek Reservoir rests just southeast of Hampden. The reservoir is an expansive nature area with opportunities for boating and horseback riding.