Hampton East is a residential neighborhood in Albany, Georgia. Conveniently located near Moultrie Road and the Liberty Expressway, Hampton East provides easy access to the surrounding area. The neighborhood is approximately 2 miles southeast of downtown Albany, making it easy to walk, bike or drive into the city center. Albany's downtown holds numerous museums, eateries, an aquarium and a civic center.

Hampton East has many businesses including Harvey's Market, CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General and Burger King. The neighborhood is nestled between Albany State University and a Marine Corps logistics base. 

The Hampton East neighborhood is approximately a mile east of the Flint River, putting the body of water within close walking or jogging distance for residents. The Flint River is Albany's premier natural resource, and it is lined with parks for recreational activity. Riverside Park lies along the stretch of river closest to Hampton East, and boasts running trails, a playground, a scenic overlook and a welcome center that is located within Albany's historic bridge house. Kalmon Malone Park is less than a half mile southwest of Hampton East.