Heritage is a neighborhood on the west side of San Antonio. Major nearby roads include the Raymond E. Stotzer Jr. Freeway, Connally Loop and Charles W. Anderson Loop. Neighborhood residents can travel throughout the city via car or bus. 

Heritage Duck Pond Park is located near the center of the neighborhood. The pond is surrounded by trees, and residents can feed the ducks by using the seed dispenser on the property. A quarter will get you a handful of feed to toss to the ducks. There is also a playground in the park.

The Heritage Neighborhood Swimming Pool is a good place to beat the San Antonio heat. On average, the summer temperatures in the city reach about 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

The neighborhood is also a great spot for families, as both schools and outdoor recreation activities are available. Heritage has several schools, including Nurturing Hearts Early Learning Center, Edmund Cody Elementary School and E.M. Pease Middle School.

While Heritage is a mostly residential neighborhood, it also features several businesses, doctors' offices, shops and restaurants. The southeast corner of Heritage is home to a variety of stores and restaurants, including a drugstore, and Mexican and Chinese cuisine. Find more eateries and stores along Potranco Road, which forms the northern border of Heritage.