Holmesburg is a northeast neighborhood of Philadelphia, located approximately 1 mile from Delaware. This historic neighborhood dates back to the 17th century, making it one of the oldest areas in northeast Philadelphia. Holmesburg went from being the home of a grist mill to an urban neighborhood with shops and restaurants to spare.

A train line runs roughly east-west through Holmesburg, as does the Delaware Expressway and Frankford Avenue. The train takes passengers right to the center of downtown Philadelphia. Frankford Avenue acts as the main thoroughfare for Holmesburg. The southern edge of the neighborhood is bordered by the Delaware River. Residents can go for a hike along the Delaware River Water Trail to enjoy the scenery. Pennyback Trail is another favored hiking spot in Holmesburg. 

The Pennyback Theatre was built in 1920 by famous architect William Harold Lee. This historical building is still standing, though it is no longer being used as a theater. Over the last few years it has served as a retail building. 

The numerous parks in Holmesburg, as well as the historic row houses, make the neighborhood feel suburban. Because of its proximity to the downtown district, its relative affordability and quiet atmosphere, Holmesburg has appealed to a large variety of people. Both families and single professionals love the area.