If you are about to have a baby and are worrying about creating the ultimate nursery in a small apartment, rest assured it can be done. Your newborn does not need a separate room, so even your studio apartment can provide a safe and comfortable environment for your young child.

Room separators: Just as you would use room dividers or curtains to create a private area for the bedroom in a small apartment, you can do the same for a nursery. Room separators or curtains hanging from the ceiling help create a separate section in your apartment and serve as added decoration pieces. The dividers will help block light from a nearby television or a computer. Additionally, the separators will keep noise away from a sleeping child.

You will need to shift some furniture around to section off a piece of the room. While you still want to keep the couch in your living room, you can get rid of end tables to make additional space in the apartment. If you want the nursery area closer to your bed, use a bassinet or a co-sleeper so you can be close to your little one.

The crib: Cribs are a popular bedding choice for parents who are expecting, however,  they may not be the most practical piece of furniture for a small apartment. You can opt for a bassinet as an alternative to a crib. Bassinets are much smaller than cribs and are easier to move around the apartment because of their size.

Decor: If your lease agreement does not allow you to paint the walls, you can use sticker decals to decorate the space for your new arrival. Vinyl stickers will not ruin the condition of the wall and come in variations such as flowers or cars. You can even use wall hangings or cloth curtains with an animal or child-like theme for the nursery area.

Changing area: You can convert an existing dresser into a changing table with the addition of a thick cloth pad. Save money by cleaning out the drawers to make room for wiping cloths and diapers, rather than purchasing a new changing table.

Storage: Use the space underneath the bassinet or crib as a storage area. Plastic storage containers can be placed here and filled with essential baby items such as extra blankets and toys.