Jacksonville Beach is the largest town in its community of five neighborhoods along the Atlantic coast that make up the community of Jacksonville Beaches.

Jacksonville Beach is the home to gorgeous stretches of white beaches where residents can play volleyball, surf, fish and relax. Its famous fishing pier attracts tourists every year to its eateries and different water activities, including boat rentals and dolphin watching. Jacksonville Beach Golf Course is a newly designed golf course that is available to players who want to spend an afternoon in the Florida sunshine.

Walking tours of Jacksonville Beach are offered by different tour groups in the neighborhood to explorers who want to hear the stories about this coastal beach town, and check out the different cultural venues in downtown Jacksonville. Some tours offer a sneak peak into cultural institutions like the Jacksonville Symphony building as well as underground tunnels that run throughout Jacksonville.

With its sunny warm weather and active community, this neighborhood is a great destination for anyone looking for adventure. Whether visiting a museum, such as the Beaches Museum and History Park, or dining at a top-rated ocean​-view restaurant is your thing, Jacksonville Beach has something for everyone, any time of year.